est.28 Classes

Here at est.28 our classes are different every day – Build N Rip is our strength and physique-based classes. Heat  is a class that focuses on cardiovascular development and burning calories and Metcon is class based around functional movements. No matter what class you go to, you’ll have tonnes of fun, push yourself to your limits and feel really proud of your efforts at the end. High fives all round.

Push to your limits

feeling energised with a sense of achievement

  • Build N Rip - est.28 Bessbrook

    This is our strength and physique-based class. Here we use hypertrophy style training to help build muscle and burn fat. It includes a range of isolated upper and lower sessions a week with some core work to help sculpt the body for an aesthetic appeal. There’s no cardio in this class but you’ll soon see just how affective weight training is to burn that unwanted body fat.

  • Heat - est.28 Bessbrook

    Our Heat class is all our cardiovascular development and burning calories. We have over 36 cardio machines including bike, row, ski and assault bike where we focus on a programming split to develop all the energy systems - Aerobic, Anaerobic and A-lactic. This is the best class to burn calories and get a great sweat on without having to lift weights. We also include bodyweight and core movements in these classes to help increase muscular endurance and tone.

  • Metcon - est.28 Bessbrook

    Our Metcon class is based around functional movements performed in multiple ranges of training types, high intensity and endurance based training. The class usually consists of a strength based element in weightlifting or gymnastics followed by a functional workout to improve your capacity and athleticism.